Can’t find an item in our catalogue?

We may be able to borrow books or other items not listed in our library catalogue from another service.

Please be aware that a fee applies to interlibrary loan requests for material not held in the library collection. When you make a request, we will make every effort to supply that item for you, based on the information you give us.  We will inform you when the item is available or if we cannot supply the item you requested. Check out frequently asked questions below.

We also welcome suggestions from library members and may purchase a suggested item for the library collection. Suggestions are assessed based on the Library Collection Management Policy.

Interlibrary loan FAQs

If the item was published in the last two years, we may decide to purchase it for the collection. We will place a hold on the item and notify you when it is available.

If we decide not to purchase the item, we check the details, find libraries which have the item and make a request. If the first library cannot supply the item, we request it from another library, and so on. We will notify you when the item is available, or if we cannot supply the item.

It is best to discuss your deadline with library staff. If your request is urgent, contact the library between 9am and 5pm weekdays.

Extra charges apply for urgent requests, although New South Wales public libraries might supply quickly at no extra charge.

Rush requests are only offered on weekdays:

  1. The item, or a negative response, is sent from the lending library within 24 hours of receiving the request.
  2. This does not include delivery times (typically another day for express post).
  3. Cost: $55.30 (express post included).

New South Wales public libraries supply most of our loans.

We also borrow from the wider library network in Australia and overseas including public libraries, educational Institutions, special libraries, state and national libraries.

You can search Trove to get an indication of whether the books you are seeking are held in the collections of Australian libraries.

Delivery times vary depending on the library we borrow from. As a guideline, if the item is available at a metropolitan public library, about two weeks or less. Items may take longer if they are only available interstate, difficult to locate, or rare.

If you have a deadline, provide the date you need the item by when making your request. If your deadline is under 2 weeks, you should speak with our staff before making a request online (see What if my request is urgent? above).

The owning library determines the length of the loan. We will provide a due date when we supply the item.

Renewals may be possible if requested just prior to the due date, depending on the policy of the owning library.

University libraries may recall items at any time, and these loans must be returned promptly.

Books are the most requested items. Other formats may also be requested.Loan requests for audio-visual material such as DVDs and CDs are often unsuccessful. We recommend making a suggestion for purchase for audio-visual material.

Special conditions apply to requests for junior items (limit of 3 per customer). Contact the library for more information.

A bulk loan of items in languages other than English may also be requested.

The library has access to digital versions of many journals. Try searching our collection of Research Databases.

If you don't find what you are looking for, requests can be made for articles via the Article Request Form.

We may use another library or a commercial supplier to get copies of articles and reports.

Interlibrary loans, Sutherland Library

If you would like to discuss an interlibrary loan with our staff, please visit your nearest library or call us on weekdays, 9:00am to 5:00pm.