This is a free service. Please ask our friendly staff at your nearest library for assistance.

About bulk loans

Most languages can be provided, although some languages have a greater range of books available. We typically borrow about 30 books or other items for you from another library service.

We will ask you to tell us what you like to read:

  • Stories (fiction)
    Do you like historical fiction, love stories, westerns, classical literature, spy stories, adventure stories, Australian fiction, war stories, science fiction, detective and mystery stories or family sagas?
  • Facts (non-fiction) by subject
    Do you prefer to read about history, poetry, cookery, medical information, crafts, politics or something else?
  • Children's books
    Picture books, children's chapter books, bilingual books or sound recordings can be requested.

After you request a community language bulk loan, it can take a few weeks to arrive. We will let you know when the books are available. These bulk loans will be at the library for 3 months and you will able to borrow and return them like any other library items.

Request a bulk loan

Please ask the staff at your nearest library to request a bulk loan or call Sutherland Library.