Chinese, Greek and Russian

The library has a significant collection of materials in Chinese, Greek and Russian, along with small collections of materials in some other languages. For help finding these materials, please ask staff at the library.

Books (adult & children) Books (adult & children) Books (adult & children)

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Books (adult & children) Books (adult) none

Books in other languages

Although the library doesn't have permanent collections in other languages, we may be able to provide material in your chosen language.

The library can arrange to supply a selection of adult and children's books or other items in the language of your choice. Typically, we offer about 30 items at a time, and most languages are available. This is a free service.

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If you would like to read a specific title in your chosen language, we may be able to request it via inter-library loan. You can ask at your nearest library or complete an online request.

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Hoopla includes a large collection of eBooks, audiobooks and other material in many languages.

Libby, by Overdrive includes a large collection of digital magazines in many languages.

Indyreads holds a collection of eBooks and audiobooks for adults in several languages including Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and French.

LOTE online for kids is a collection of digital picture books in over 50 languages, with English translations so you can read along.